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St Pius X Unanderra is a Catholic parish primary school in the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong system of schools.

St Pius X Catholic Primary School is located in the suburb of Unanderra, 10 km south-west of the Wollongong CBD in New South Wales.

Address: 2 Cummins Street, Unanderra NSW 2526
Phone: (02) 4271 3550
Mail: PO Box 358, Unanderra NSW 2526

Our school office hours are Monday to Friday, between 8:20am and 4:00pm.

Principal Mrs Pauline Chrostowski
Assistant Principal Mrs Christine Nunes
Religious Education Coordinator Ms Louise Sartor
Senior School Support Officers Mrs Lauren McDonald

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Our Staff

Meet our wonderful, dedicated team of teachers and support staff at St Pius X.
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Mrs Pauline Chrostowski
Fr Duane Fernandez
Sr Kerry Gardiner
Mrs Christine Nunes
Mrs Kim Norrie
Mrs Leah Galea
Mrs Jo Stewart
Mrs Chloe Tighe
Mrs Carolyn Malone
Mrs Carlie Staples
Mrs Kylie Hertsch
Nik Sajdkovski
Mrs Amanda Garretty
Miss Anna Jaklic
Mr Bill Whittle
Mrs Shay Lindner
Mrs Cathy Zamroz
Mrs Clare Suartama
Mr Rodney Green
Ms Steffane Ceccato
Mrs Jeanette Starcic
Mrs Alyssa Frew
Ms Louise Sartor
Mr Andrew Hales
Ms Katrina Hannaford
Ms Katrina Feil
Mrs Lauren McDonald
Mrs Karen Harley
Mrs Nada Bratjanscak
Mrs Jan Poder
Mrs Louise Burke
Mrs Lyndal Clancy
Mrs Dianne Moran
Mrs Kristy Cauduro
Mrs Yvonne Newton
Mrs Natalie Sanson
Mrs Melanie Jennison
Mrs Sarah Ljuboja
Mrs Haty Fiorani

To apply for any staff positions being advertised at St Pius X Unanderra, visit the CEDoW Positions Vacant page.