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Student Leadership

Student leadership opportunities are very important to the culture of St Pius X Catholic Primary School. We value each and every voice, and believe that every student has the ability to be the best leader they can be.

Students have the opportunity to take part in many school leadership teams during their final year at St Pius X. By way of nomination and speech presentation, students can apply for the positions of school captain, vice captain or member of the Student Representative Council (SRC). The whole school participates in voting for the students of their choice at the end of each year. Students can also nominate for school-based student leadership teams, including our Liturgy, Environment, Sports, Hospitality and ICT teams.

School Captains

We have two school captains and two vice captains from Year 6, selected as student leaders to represent St Pius X both in school and at events outside of school.  

SRC Team

To represent the school community at all times, displaying the school’s Catholic values in word and action, the Student Representative Council (SRC) Leadership Team:

  • participates and represents the school in parish celebrations and liturgies.
  • consistently models adherence to the school’s rules and ethos
  • develops and delivers speeches on behalf of the student body at school and community events / occasions
  • leads school assemblies
  • writes and delivers reports at assemblies
  • represents the school at events such as meeting members of parliament, attending services such as ANZAC march and Diocesan Masses
  • shares information with Stages
  • participates in Student Representative council meetings

Liturgy Team

To support the planning and implementation of prayer and liturgy at St Pius X , the Liturgy Leadership Team:

  • develops and leads prayer for significant days, feasts and seasons at assemblies or school gatherings
  • contributes to the development of school masses: hymn selection, writing of intercession, undertaking practical roles such as reading, singing
  • researches material from Caritas, Catholic Mission, media, Social Justice statements
  • raises awareness of injustices/issues at assemblies, to inform the community through the newsletter and via visual campaigns around the school
  • visits classes and educate children about the issues and the Christian response

ICT Team

To support the use of technology at St Pius X , the ICT Leadership Team:

  • provides support to teachers and students in the use of iPads
  • assists with the distribution of ICT equipment
  • manages the PA system and projector for assemblies and whole school events

Sports Team

To model sportsmanship and promote healthy lifestyle for the school, the Sports Leadership Team:

  • prepares sport equipment for PE / Sport
  • monitors and returns sport equipment to storage shed
  • helps Mrs Olima as required
  • leads house meetings
  • writes and delivers sports reports at assemblies

Environmental Team

To promote sustainable practices for our school environment, the Environmental Leadership Team:

  • educates / raises awareness around environmental issues
  • provides practical support of gardens and recycling monitoring
  • encourages school initiatives to reduce waste at school
  • works with our Aboriginal Education Assistants to develop indigenous culture with the school (eg: dance and bush tucker)

Hospitality Team

By word and action, the Hospitality Leadership Team are the student face for visitors to our school. They:

  • greet visitors who come to our school for special events whole-school Masses
  • hosts for catered events such as Grandparents Day and Kinder Orientation
  • work to build community within school and parish
  • include articles in the school newsletter about these celebrations
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