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Take a Virtual Tour of St Pius X

Welcome to St Pius X! Take a virtual tour of our school below – have a look around our classrooms, outdoor learning and play areas, school hall, library and more.

You can also book a school tour to visit us, meet our teachers and students, and see the facilities in person. Contact us here to book your visit.

Have you seen our newly renovated classrooms? Spacious and engaging facilities equipped for innovative 21st century learning! Read more here.

Our new, modern learning facilities feature:

  • bright, spacious classrooms with sliding glass doors between the classrooms that allows us to easily move between rooms when we are working on group tasks
  • writable surfaces, cushioned lounges, areas for audio recording; 
  • large digital screens, ‘charging cupboards’ for gadgets, Wi-Fi saturation and double-panelled whiteboards that open up for easy access to televisions for air-playing and other media sharing;
  • classrooms with outdoor courtyards, an abundance of natural light and appropriate colour palettes to promote student engagement; and
  • a ‘makerspace area’ to encourage collaboration as the students engage in STEM activities.

A view from above...

Interested in enrolling at St Pius X?

We'd love to welcome you and show you our school in person!
Find out more information at the links below.