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At St Pius X Catholic School we value each individual's gifts and talents, whereby children and staff are challenged and nurtured to achieve their full potential through quality Learning and Teaching experiences in a culture based on Gospel Values.

We at St Pius X Catholic Primary School are committed to and believe in

valuing and promoting our unique Catholic ethos where Christ is our centre and respect, honesty, trust and Gospel values are promoted to provide a happy, inclusive and nurturing environment;

the belief that education and community connectedness is significantly enhanced by genuine, caring and positive relationships among staff, students, parents, parish and the wider community;

engaging students in relevant, appropriate and powerful learning experiences which cater for the ever-changing needs of students and provide empowering opportunities for discovery, development and application of knowledge in synergy through child centred pedagogies and ICLT integration;

fostering ongoing opportunities for professional learning and passionate, professional dialogue that fuels creative practice, which in turn amplifies learning gains for both staff and students;

cultivating reflective practices that contribute to a deeper understanding of professional application with reciprocity in highly effective practices;

encouraging distributive leadership among staff to develop collective ownership and responsibility conducive to commonality of purpose that nurtures active engagement in learning and collaborative problem solving.


The aims of St Pius X staff are to:
  • develop the whole child and to carefully guide each child through each stage of development, in a school which bases its decisions and actions on Gospel Values.
  • promote and foster the growth of a school family which belongs to and is involved in the Parish faith community, giving witness to the wider community.
  • respect the uniqueness of each child and to foster in each an appreciation of the dignity of every person.
  • provide a balanced Religious Education Program related to the lives of the children, their relationships with Christ and others, and which includes prayer, scripture, sacraments and liturgy, within the Catholic traditions.
  • guide the development and formation of conscience, so that each person becomes capable of free and responsible decision making in the midst of a changing society.
  • be conscious of the role of parents as first educators of their children and to support them in this role.
  • ensure that each teacher is aware of the privilege and the responsibility inherent in his/her relationships with students, parents, the community and educational authorities, so that there is a harmony between what is espoused and what is practised.

It is the intention and hope of our school to provide every student with experiences, knowledge and skills that will enable them to develop their whole selves in order to become the person fully alive that God created each to be.