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Since the first day of St Pius X Catholic School Unanderra, on 2nd February 1960, the school has played a vital role in the life of Immaculate Conception Parish Unanderra. The school's purpose is to provide a Catholic primary education for the young parishioners of Immaculate Conception Parish, and also for a lesser number from St Mary's Parish Berkeley.

The parish is rightly proud of its ongoing investment of faith and resources in the school. The school in turn also provides an element of vitality for parish life, and many local residents as well as parishioners recognise the important contribution made to the community by those associated with the school. It is also pleasing to note that quite a number of the current students at the school are the sons and daughters of previous students.

Catholic schools exist in order to ensure that an education for Catholics must involve coming to know and live the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Faith. Of course, this needs to start in the family home, but to also find vital links in belonging to a parish and belonging to a school. So, in a certain way, we could speak about the parish school as being something like a second home for our very important young people.

The links that are well established between families, the parish and the school, find their origin in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the mission of the Catholic Church. We all need to be fully committed to ensuring that this experience of truths of our faith will be well understood and wholeheartedly lived by future generations, as well as our own.

In all of the good endeavours of St Pius X Catholic School, it is our collective hope that our young parishioners will grow in faith, wisdom, and maturity, so as to become good citizens and committed members of the church.