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Our school Feast Day is held on 21st August.  A Liturgy, special lunch for the students and fun activities are usually planned to celebrate this special day.


Our School motto is ‘Omnia in Christo’ – all in Christ.

Our School crest is a replica of the Coat of Arms of St Pius X. It has the shape of a shield and it is divided in to three sections, the deep blue of the sea, the azure of the sky and a white field dominated by a lion. The crest is a reminder of the City of Venice, of which St Pius was Patriarch for nine years.

Venice had a glorious tradition, its fleets sailed on every sea, carrying the flag of St Mark, the patron Saint, even to the shore of pagan lands. The sea, the anchor, the star in the sky and the lion with the book and sword depict the history of Venice. However the symbols have also a deeper significance, which is expressed by the words at the top of the crest – ‘Ominia in Christo.’ This is the motto of St Pius X and it means: ‘To restore all things in Christ.’ These words have been chosen because they embody the aim of Catholic Education, namely to develop the whole human person, not only intellectually and physically but also spiritually. The idea of every Catholic School is to plant the seed of faith in the students and to impart the knowledge of their external destiny.

The lion is portrayed in papal red, for strength, power and courage which are properties of our faith and virtues which we endeavour to develop in all students. The Silver Star symbolizes heaven, our external destination, our faith and guiding light. The anchor reminds us that we will reach this goal by placing our hope and trust in God.

It is our wish that our School crest may become a program of life for every child that wears it.