title diverselearningneeds

unanderrasquare56At St Pius X, we strive to be a student centred school, which provides learning and teaching experiences that are appropriate for each individual child’s zone of proximal development. Staff use a variety of pedagogies and learning frameworks to diversify the curriculum and facilitate quality learning and teaching experiences for all students.

At St Pius X, we have The Diverse Learning Needs Team that is responsible for monitoring students identified with specific learning difficulties, behavioural and/or social skills. The diverse Learning Needs Team works closely with classroom teachers To support and assist them in their ole of meeting the specific and individual needs of these targeted students.

A school based tagging system, used to record details about students and monitor progress from year to year including learning gains. In addition to this, Individual Plans (IP) are a key part of the school’s response to catering for the diverse needs of learners. This response may include additional support, alternative outcomes, adjustments to programming or the learning environment.

All students who receive ‘Student with Disability’ funding have an Individual Plan developed collaboratively with parents.  Regular meetings are held with key stakeholders to discuss progress and concerns.