The steps we will use to Setup the iPad are;

  • Basic out-of-the-box setup
  • Setup email to receive the Apple ID verification
  • Download a Free App as part of the Apple ID setup

Out Of The Box

Apple iPad User Manual (need to attached file here)

Open the iPad box and you will find the iPad and it's USB charger. (Remember to charge the iPad when it gets below approx 10%.)

Turn on the iPad using the button on it's top-right-corner.

Apple ID

Apple IDs may only be created by someone over the age of 13. It is recommended that the Parent or Guardian creates an account for the Student to use. NO CREDIT CARD details should be used when creating an Apple ID. ALL paid apps should be purchased with the school provided redemption codes or by purchasing iTunes cards (often discounted) as gifts for your child. Please use the Student email address for the Apple ID.

1. The simplest way to create an Apple ID is to open the App Store App and purchase a free app, in this guide we will use iBooks as an example (free app).

2. Open the App Store on your iPad and do a search for iBooks, you will see a results list, tap on iBooks.

3. You will be directed to the search listing, tap on the word next to the iBooks icon, tap the word 'Free', then tap the green 'Install App' button.

4. You will now be prompted to Sign In, tap the Create New Apple ID button.

5. Use the Australian store and click next.

6. Review the Terms and Conditions and click next.

7. Enter your details (using the Student School email address), including security questions and click next.

8. Select None for the payment method and scroll down to the Billing Address, type your information here and tap submit.

9.  You will now need to access the email account you used to create your Apple ID.

10. In your inbox you will have an email from Apple, if you cannot find it please check your spam or junk folder. In this email there will be a link to verify your email address, click on this.

11. You will now need to log into the Apple Website, use both the email address and password you used earlier in the creation process.

12. Once logged in the verification process will be complete.

13. Return to the iPad and attempt to purchase the iBooks app again, you will be prompted to Sign In again, tap on Use Existing Apple ID.

14. Login with the email and password that you created.

Once logged in, you can return to the home screen where you will find the iBooks app downloading.