We're always reminding our kids to "pick up after yourself" and "cover your mouth when you cough", but lately many parents have had to add rules like "don't bring your iPod/iPad to the dinner table" and more importantly, "don't give out personal details online".

We're the first generation of parents responsible for equipping our children with ‘digital citizenship' skills – how to use technology safely and responsibly, and how to evaluate, manage and use the information and tools they find online.

At a glance

  • Today's kids need new skills to behave safely and responsibly online.
  • Good digital citizenship follows the same basic rules as good citizenship in the offline world.
  • Filters only prevent some kinds of unsuitable material being accessed via your computer; parents still need to be vigilant.
  • It's important for parents to model good online behaviour – such as courtesy, obeying the law (not downloading something illegally) and protecting yourself.

Throughout the terms, one domain of Digital Citizenship (Digital Conduct, Digital Relationships, Digital Law, Digital Footprint and Digital Health and Wellbeing), is the focus of the week/s and explored through sharing at assemblies, in newsletters and on the school website. Primary students of SPX complete workshops on the 5 domains of digital citizenship. Their work samples from these workshops are used as part of this exploration.