St Pius X is a well respected and highly regarded school in the local community as it has a rich history of over 50 years of Catholic Education. St Pius X prides itself on honoring and respecting the past, celebrating the present and embracing the future with confidence and resilience. This commitment to the future in providing an inclusive and holistic education has embraced the challenge of using technology by enhancing and extending learning.

At St Pius X, we give our students the opportunities to reach their full potential by using a range of learning tools and pedagogies including the explicit teaching of foundational skills, immersion in rich literature, communicating ideas in a variety of modes, real life problem solving, making connections, demonstrating their learning creatively and accessing a range of modern technologies.

In 2013, we began leading the way in the Illawarra by implementing 1:1 iPad usage in Year 5.  Today’s generation of students view technology as a part of their everyday environment. To appropriately meet their needs, technology should be pervasive – always available.

A digital environment enables communication and collaboration among peers and staff. It connects parents to their child’s learning. Educators are provided with digital tools to create learning plans, manage educational content and track student progress. Parent involvement is greatly increased as student work done at school can be viewed more closely and students can continue on with work from the school day more easily.

In doing this we continue to meet the ever changing needs of education by offering our young people a place in society which is strongly characterized by faith, community spirit, technical and scientific knowledge. These skills will provide students with skills to become the person fully alive that God created each to be.